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Long Beach Quest Dialysis Center, Inc.

Long Beach Quest Dialysis Center, Inc. for years has served the community with cutting-edge, compassionate dialysis treatment services. It is our goal to maintain the high quality of service in hemodialysis life support for our clients. Our daily efforts revolve around our mission to help individuals and families who are affected by kidney disease. We train our staff to be medically and compassionately capable of helping patients through the treatment.

We welcome individuals who are newly diagnosed with kidney failure as well as dialysis patients who require maintenance treatments for chronic kidney failure. Our skilled staff are compassionate and well-trained to handle various types of patients who visit Long Beach Quest Dialysis Center, Inc. for treatment. We also maintain state-of-the art dialysis machines that promote the sustainable medical care at the most affordable costs possible.

Apart from providing dialysis treatment, we also take part in innovative application of technology and medical research involving kidney disease. Our nephrologists, radiologists and multi-disciplinary medical experts have always shared our advocacy to fight the disease. We seek ways to achieve optimal patient outcomes while also finding avenues to attain patient satisfaction.

To inquire further about our dialysis services, please visit our center. Or, you can call us at 562-988-8866.

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